Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Dream

I rarely ever remember my dreams. Though I know I dream often, they melt from my memory with the slightest hint of sun, leaving only cold sweat and the puzzling sensation of having just been somewhere else. But sometimes the dream is too unforgettable and lingers long enough for me to jot it down as I now always do when the occasion arises. And the dreams I remember are generally worth remembering. There was me being knighted by Sandra Bullock as the Queen of England, or me praying in a pew next to a mullet-ed Celine Deon. Or even my hard drive being stolen and tearfully returned by a secretary named Lakisha.

This one beats them all.

In this dream I am myself, but am some sort of water spirit/magician and appear from the seas with a companion with whom I have traveled to the end of the world to see an old friend. I bring her a small trinket - a light blue glazed ceramic starfish. We finally reach this friend, who lives in a dead tree trunk that rises right from the water and into which a home was built. My companion leaves and she opens the door and I am surprised to find she has become blind, and has her eyes wrapped, but I say nothing and hand her the starfish, which she takes and places on a shelf next to a pile of similar trinkets I've brought her over the years. In front of this woman, whom I can not place, I feel secure but nostalgic, and so sad about the passage of time. We talk and she asks I retrieve a book she recently tossed out. I agree and lay back and will the water to move me. I travel to a sea side city - with a brick promenade with white stars. I and the wave that carries me simply wash over these people but they pay no heed. I swim and eventually find the book - it is some sort of a simple crossword of arithmetic book, the kind you buy at gas stations for long trips. I bring it to her and promise to read it to her. Just then, she starts telling me how she lost her sight and I wake.

What I remember most vividly is the sensation of me being carried in the wave. So peaceful and serene, I could will it to move anywhere. In fact, I may have been sleeping while doing so. How interesting.

I can't say I know what this means, if anything, other than a product of an imaginative imagination. If nothing else, it's a pleasant treat.

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