Sunday, September 20, 2009

30 Second Review: Moon

Chances are you either have no idea what Moon is or already saw it and loved it. The short of it is that Moon is the directorial debut of Duncan Jones and is the best sci-fi film and one of the finest movies this year. As a film, Moon is the anti-thesis to the CGI nonsense of Transformers, Terminator and all other brainless sequels that littered the summer and is required for anyone with a brain. So go and watch.

Concerning the story of a man harvesting Hydrogen on the far side of the moon and then much more, the movie is impressive that it only has one actor and not many more roles, played brilliantly by Sam Rockwell. While others cram their sci-fi fare with explosions, CGI and dozens of actors, Moon is appropriately empty with its few roles, wide vistas and rather simple technology. It is a straightforward film that lays out its twist early on and builds off of that. Whereas others feel the movie leaves loose ends, I see it as the director not being content to spoon-feed his movie to the viewer. Yes, not everything is explained and is only hinted at, but put that imagination to good use. Also pleasant was how Jones did not play in to the expectations one might have about how the movie resolves itself, which might also be why some were let down.

The movie succeeds because it doesn't let the science get in the way of the story telling. It is also a gorgeous film that manages to make the common moon something of true beauty. Also of note is the music, composed by Clint Mansell, composer of the music for Requiem for a Dream and the Fountain, and a perfect companion to the film. Tied together by a single piano note, the execution adds a haunting touch to the film and is used to great effect throughout.

So do yourself and your brain a favor and go see it if you can. Otherwise, wait for the DVD, out November 16.

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