Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes! Go! Begin!

I used to be a prolific blogger. I hopped from one service to the next, spilling myself onto the web with little restraint. I was a frustrated and emotional teenager and what better way to vent that to the dull obscurity of the internet? With time, and a little maturity, I lost the zeal for writing about my feelings, because it was becoming a familiar rehash of the very same. Especially since I only wrote when in a bleak mood, my entries we reading like emo poetry. All I had to do was start drinking coffee and I'd be there.

So, i stopped. Now, with the design world so heavily pushing into new media and all that, I feel like a reluctant late-comer to this party. Still, now I actually have many experiences and thoughts worth voicing. As a blooming artist, illustrator and artist, I truly have something worth sharing.

But I don't just want to blather on about myself and my life. Instead, I want to share my experiences and thoughts, and all the really cool stuff I stumble across every day. I'm excited, but where to begin?

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