Sunday, September 28, 2008

Middlesex: 30 Second Review


Jeffrey Eugenides' follow up novel after The Virgin Suicides was nine years in the making, and it shows, simply because for the first hundred pages, I could hardly believe the quality of it's prose. Technically the story of the life of an intersexed person, the narrator is not actually born until two hundred pages into the text. That is not a detriment, because those pages tell a most beautiful and fascinating story. The rest of the book is just as good, but slightly different. At times stuffy and awkward, I suppose it's much like the life of the narrator. Still, a definite must read that is at times challenging, but ultimately fulfilling and heart breaking in the finest way.

Middlesex was also the 2003 recipient of the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
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Robin said...

I must read it. I will have it. Give it to me.