Tuesday, December 6, 2011

On: My Big Art Sale, an Update

Silk-screened cards
Soon after coming back from Spain, I got a crazy idea - sign up for an art fair. I had no art ready, no supplies, but a lot of drive and inspiration and an endless supply of past-projects that I knew could be re-tooled for sale  in a flash.

Right away, I saw that I'd missed the deadlines of all the big shows by months but had just a few days to apply for Bucktown's 13th Holiday Art Show. So I did, got accepted, forked over a ton of cash and suddenly had to do something about that.

And since then I've been accumulating projects and, when a smaller art sale suddenly popped up, I've been frantically buying supplies, printing, cutting, gluing, assembling and sleeping little and eating poorly. But it's all almost over. The BIG art show is this Saturday and Sunday and I am almost ready. If it were tomorrow, I'd be OK even. That in itself is a tremendous accomplishment for me and I am thrilled at the challenge this project has presented over the past 3 months.

This weekend, I will have 25 8x10 prints, 40+ 5x7 prints, 80+ 4x6 prints, along with buttons, round and square magnets, magnet sets in gift tins, pins, bookmarks and silk-screened cards. It doesn't look like I'll have the book bags silk screened in time, but that's ok! There is plenty of other work ready for sale.

The best part, for me, is that I at last have arrived at a concept in which to wrap all this work. It has a name, a logo, and soon - an Etsy store and website. More on that when I get to it, maybe after the sale, maybe 2012.

Until then, I have just a backdrop to make, some risers to paint and maybe make more cards. Also Mom is driving in from Ohio to help me and that is a huge bonus and reward - I get to sell art, meet people, talk up myself AND hang out with my wonderful mother! Until then, I am taking it easy and thinking ahead. I got a lot done, but there's just as much still to do.

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