Monday, October 24, 2011

On: Spain, as Seen by My Cellphone

Didn't America's Next Top Model do this for an episode?
The view from our hostel. Aah, Europe! 
Breakfast on our second day in Madrid - so simple but so delicious. I remember wanting to return here for dinner.
The waitress was a woman in her 30's with untamed curly hair and a body most American women would die for.  She was elegant and casually sensual in a tank top, khakis and flip-flops.
A treasure trove.
The Lichtenstein at The Reina Sofia

Hot chocolate & a croissant. A perfect breakfast. Mom had tea.

The view from the chocolateria.


Segovia. View from the Tower of John the 2nd. We climbed 172 narrow, winding, stone stairs for this jaw-dropping panorama that literally took our breath away from the exertion.
Granada. Mom made an amazing dish from lentils, potatoes and carrots and the spices at the hostel.
We enjoyed it with a local rose wine. It was the only real, complete meal of our trip.

Granada. Our hostel being in The Arab Quarter gave us this stupefying view of The Alhambra.
Logrono. The cathedral.

Logrono. The same cathedral.

Logrono. A fantastic, massive mural.

Logrono. These mannequins looked so sharp - I'm copying this look for fall/winter!
Bilbao. The Guggenheim.

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