Friday, February 6, 2009

The Luck Factor - 30 Second Review

I generally roll my eyes at any book that promises to somehow make my life better. Whether it's my happiness, my sense of style or even my shape, I can't help but doubt it's intent. So then me picking up a book called "The Luck Factor" and subtitled: "Changing Your Luck, Changing Your Life: The Four Essential Principles" is unprecedented.

Considering it's cheesy game-show-worthy title and the fact that it's written by a former magician, even I am surprised that I liked it. The book is written to try to understand why some people are so fortunate in life while others are not. Lucky for it, it's not especially full of itself although it struggles to stretch limited material with graphs and charts and does believe it's advise is life-changing.

Essentially, though, I liked the book because it says that the luck you get in life rests on the effort you make to be open to opportunity and that simple attitudes and behaviors have life altering effects. I'm not exactly giving anything away here, and do not detract from the message of the book because it's common sense. Still, I was never aware of the severity of that thought and "The Luck Factor" did an excellent job putting everything in perspective. In fact, the book has inspired me to take a more proactive perspective on my life, and has made me realize just how lucky I have been so far.

So keep your chin up and smile more. :)

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